Ephesians Bible Study Part 4 – The Boldest Prayer Ever Prayed

by Dale Partridge

How are we to pray when our hearts are troubled? When we lose hope and fear takes hold of us, how are we to come to God in petition?

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In this episode of Real Christianity, pastor Dale Partridge looks to Ephesians 3:14-21 to exposit what has been called by many theologians “the boldest prayer ever prayed.” Together, Dale will take you verse by verse through the words of Paul to extract the theological meaning and application of this profound passage of Scripture

Takeaway Lesson: The comprehension of the love of God in Christ can overcome any obstacle in life.

Individual and Small Group Questions

  1. When you lose heart or find your soul troubled where do you turn? What thoughts do you have? What actions do you take?
  2. How will Paul’s example of prayer change the way you pray for yourself and others?
  3. Does the overwhelming reality of God’s love for you help you overcome fear and worry? In other words, does God’s election of you in Christ produce a mindset of unconditional peace?
  4. If the Holy Spirit filled you with all the fullness of God how would that change the way you live and think?


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