The Cultural Obsession of Pet Idolatry

by Dale Partridge

Last week, Dale released a tweet that said, “The absurd number of dog parks being built across America is telling. We have rejected children to such a degree that many cities are building more recreation sites for pets than playgrounds for kids. Namely, our culture is so selfish that it’s now shaping civics. All previous generations would see spending $225,000 of taxpayer money on pet pleasure as foolish and idiotic. But cities always follow culture, and culture always follows what they worship. When Christ isn’t seen as Lord, pet praise and childlessness are two sad consequences.”

G.K. Chesterton once spoke to this relationship between pet praise and the rejection of children. He said, “Wherever there is animal worship, there is human sacrifice.”

In this episode of Real Christianity, Dale explores what has happened in our culture to allow this glorification of pets to occur.

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