Christ & Chronic Illness Pt. 3: A Biblical Lifestyle for Healing

by Dale Partridge

Welcome to the third episode of our four-part series featuring Dale Partridge and Trevor West. In this installment, we’ll continue our journey through chronic illness, suffering, and healing, while emphasizing the vital importance of relying on God’s promises, even when we may not ‘feel’ His presence.

In this episode, Dale explores the concept of not allowing our emotions to guide us in the context of chronic illness. Instead, we’ll discuss how our emotions should be shaped by the timeless truth found in God’s Word. We delve into the significance of nurturing a steadfast faith in God’s promises and how discovering peace in Christ can lead to transformative healing in your life. We’ll also touch upon practical steps you can take to initiate healing within your body using natural and effective approaches. If you’ve ever questioned how to navigate the complexities of healing while keeping your faith securely anchored, this series offers invaluable insights tailored just for you.

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