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Modernized Classics
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“The Relearn app is an incredibly valuable resource for Christians in all stages of life. It offers a wide, yet intentionally tasteful & thoughtful, selection of topics. There seems to be great care to ensure that everything published is biblically accurate and sound. Subscribing to this app is well worth it! My husband and I love listening to the content available and are eagerly looking forward to everything else to be added in the future!”

— Michaiah Jones, Subscriber

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Strengthen Biblical and Theological Literacy Within the Church.

We believe every Christian should know how to properly read, study, interpret, and apply the Bible, the final authority of faith and practice, in their own life. Our mission at is to help ordinary believers do this by offering them the tools, resources, and support needed to achieve a historical and theologically-sound view of God.

Prepare Your Family for the Culture War with Biblical Truth.