Christ & Chronic Illness Pt. 4: A Theology of Pharmaceuticals, Supplements, Diets, & Tools for Wellness

by Dale Partridge

Welcome to the fourth and final installment of our podcast series, ‘Christ and Chronic Illness.’ In this concluding episode, we delve deeper into the profound connection between Christ, healing, and the complex reality of chronic illness.

Our journey has been grounded in the understanding that God’s desire for healing is not to be equated with a prosperity gospel, nor is it a guarantee of immediate relief from suffering. Rather, we’ve explored how God permits sickness as part of His sovereign plan in a fallen world. Looking to Christ as the ultimate reflection of God’s character, we’ve witnessed His ministry of healing, which served as a powerful demonstration of the ultimate reversal of the Fall—a promise that He, as the Second and better Adam, will one day restore both our world and our bodies to a sinless and eternal state.

In this episode, we discuss the profit-driven nature of the medical system, often prioritizing pharmaceuticals as quick fixes rather than genuine health solutions. For many chronic conditions, looking beyond traditional medicine becomes essential, as it may not always provide comprehensive care.

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