The Vital Need for Expository Preaching with Steve Lawson and Dale Partridge

by Dale Partridge

Expository preaching is biblical preaching. Without a commitment to a verse-by-verse exposition of the Scriptures, pastors begin to inject their emotions and opinions into their sermons. In this episode of the Theologian Series, pastor Dale Partridge interviews Dr. Steven Lawson of One Passion Ministries about the vital need for expository preaching.

Dr. Lawson is the professor of preaching at the Doctor of Ministry program at The Master’s Seminary and he’s the author of nearly 40 books. Dr. Lawson was Dale’s preaching professor and has become a not only a mentor but a friend.

Dr. Lawson believes that you cannot have a healthy church without expository preaching. Listen is as Dale and him define and discuss why Christians should place themselves and their families under pastors who preach expository sermons.

Questions Answered this Episode

  1. To the average churchgoer, what is a basic definition of Expository Preaching? 
  2. Is expository preaching a style preference or is this how the Bible tells us we are to preach? In other words, is expository preaching founded in Scripture or is it just a practice birthed out of theological circles? 
  3. Many Christians are attracted to charismatic teachers (many of them are incredible communicators) but what’s the difference between a Christian teacher and an expository preacher? 
  4. As Christians, why should we be diligent to place ourselves and our families at a church that’s shepherded by an expository preacher? 
  5.  For those who are new to expository preaching, who should we look to for good examples? Can you give us some pastors or books that would help us better understand expository preaching?

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