The Future of the American Church under a Liberal Government

by Dale Partridge

Many Christians are concerned at the growing cultural hostility toward biblical Christian values. It’s obvious that the traditional view of marriage and gender are front and center and the public’s perception, definition, and legislation regarding these issues is changing rapidly. In addition, all signs point to a loss of religious freedom with the coming legislation of the Equality Act. But how does all this affect biblical churches, Christian schools and colleges, and Christian ministries?

Pastor Dale Partridge aims at answering this question and more on this episode of Real Christianity.

This Episode’s Question

“Pastor Dale, I recently saw your prediction on Instagram about churches losing their 501c3 status if they don’t comply with the coming Equality Act. I know this is a big topic but can you briefly share some more on the equality act and how you expect this to affect the biblical church in the coming years?”

Jesse -Los Angeles, California

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