The Basics of Biblical Apologetics with James White and Dale Partridge

by Dale Partridge

According to the Bible, what’s the relationship between apologetics and evangelism? In other words, as we go out into our cities and preach the Gospel, how can we leverage apologetics to support our efforts? In this episode of the Theologian Series, pastor Dale Partridge interviews Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries on the topic of presuppositional apologetics.

Dr. White is the author of nearly 30 books and is one the world’s leading apologists. He specializes in a defense against false religions like Mormonism, The Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Roman Catholic Church, and Islam.

For those who don’t know, there are several forms of apologetics in church history (classical, evidential, experiential, and presuppositional). Today, we will focus on the latter. This form of apologetics is not interested in trying to persuade atheists with worldly logic, science, or experience. Instead, presuppositional apologetics speaks of God in the same way the Apostles and Prophets spoke in Scripture. That is, they don’t attempt to prove God’s existence they assume God’s existence and anchor their central defense of the Gospel in Scripture. Essentially, in presuppositional apologetics, the preacher proclaims the truth about God and allows the Holy Spirit to change the heart and mind.

Questions Answered this Episode

  1. What is a basic definition of apologetics and what variety of apologetic forms currently exist in the church? 
  2. I think many people are confused about apologetics placement in Christian life. Is it only something that precurses evangelism? Does it work with evangelism? Is apologetics evangelism? Do you use apologetics only with non-believers? 
  3. You are an advocate for presuppositional apologetics, can you explain this in laymen’s terms and why you believe it to be not only the superior form of apologetics but also the most accurate to Scripture?
  4. Because the average Christian is not on stage preaching but instead having coffee or dinner with their non-christian friend, co-worker, or acquaintance, what are some basic principles you have found useful to initiate discussions around the Gospel?  
  5. Practically speaking, how can one prepare themselves to defend and proclaim the Gospel from a presuppositional position. In other words, which doctrines find themselves most useful to study, comprehend, and communicate?

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