Overcoming the Fear of Man with Tom Ascol and Dale Partridge

by Dale Partridge

Comfortable Christianity is on its way out of the West. Its replacement is bold and costly Christianity. In this episode of the Theologian Series, pastor Dale Partridge interviews Dr. Tom Ascol of Founders Ministries on how to overcome the fear of man. Tom is the author of several books and has served as the pastor at Grace Baptist Church since 1986.

Today, more than ever, Christians are compromising with the culture and watering down the truth for fear of being hated, politically persecuted, or “canceled.” In this episode, Dr. Ascol offers Christians practical advice for remaining bold in a society that is becoming increasingly hostile toward biblical Christians.

Questions Answered this Episode

  1. The Western church is entering into an era of increased hostility toward Christians and biblical values, what’s your outlook for the next five years? Do you expect we will see further aggression? If so, how do you think this will manifest?
  2. As we approach this incoming era of cultural and political persecution, what should Christians be doing now to prepare themselves? 
  3. Many believers are so concerned with removing the fear that they forget the other half of our Christian duty—proclamation. In other words, how do we do both? How do we address the fear that comes with Christian hostility and how do we in the face of that hostility boldly proclaim Christ
  4. How do we pick and choose which issues to stand for? In a culture that’s infatuated with identity politics and tribalism, how do we discern what’s truly worth our voice?
  5. It’s been my experience that church history and biographies of great saints are powerful tools to strengthen the modern believer facing trials. Who should we look to at this time? What past saint has proven faithful in the issues we are facing today?

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