How to Prepare Yourself and Your Family for Church

by Dale Partridge

Are you fulfilling your biblical role on Sunday morning? Do you even know your biblical role on Sunday? Sadly, many Christians have become products of “audience Christianity” that has led them to be inactive spectators of an event instead of active contributors to the meeting of the saints.

How can Christians come to church with a more biblical posture? What practices can Christians adopt to help their local church culture experience greater edification and fruitfulness? In this episode of Real Christianity, Dale Partridge offers three practical steps for preparing our hearts for church.

This Episode’s Question

“Every Sunday I come to church, I sing the songs, I listen to the sermon, I say hello to a few friends, and I leave. To be honest, it feels monotonous. Is church supposed to be this way? Is this what God wanted? How can I prepare myself to get the most out of my Sunday church gathering?”

Molly -Danbury, Connecticut

Additional Resources

Scripture References

  • 1 Corinthians 14:26

    “When you come together, each one has a hymn, a lesson, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification.”

What is Biblical House Church?

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