The Need For Demonstrating Repentance by Word and Deed

by Dale Partridge

Last month, I published a statement of repentance (seen at the bottom of this page) concerning the misleading language used in my biography regarding my academic credentials. Though I never stated I had a degree, I wanted to be above reproach by offering clarity.

I said, “I completed my graduate studies at Western Seminary,” or “I conducted my graduate studies at The Master’s Seminary” or “I am a graduate of Western Seminary.” My language led many to believe I held a degree when, in truth, I had only completed a graduate studies program. You can view my entire seminary journey, including grades, here.

As a pastor who is required to be above reproach, this is a bigger issue than one might think. I believe that God’s grace and ongoing sanctification have revealed the root issue of my sin. What might not be widely known is that I entered into ministry in 2017, and was born again just a few years before, in the Fall of 2014. Prior to this, I was recognized as an entrepreneur with a substantial presence on social media. My reputation was built on my marketing skills, which I employed to help build organizations with compelling brands and effective advertisements. It was only through a recent heart-to-heart conversation with a trusted friend and pastor, Joel Webbon, that I grasped the core of my issue. The marketer’s greatest temptation often involves exaggeration and embellishment, which are commonly used in the business world but have no place in the realm of ministry. However, when the brand is you, online communication can turn it into a breeding ground of temptation for subtle but sinful exaggerations. And these exaggerations, in biblical terms, are called deception. Regrettably, I have failed here. However, this profound realization has allowed me to finally address the root of this problem head-on.

While there are some accusations about me that are false or unfair, there are also others where I have truly sinned, and by God’s grace, repented. But in some instances of genuine failure, I have returned to my usual activities too soon. No more healing the wound lightly. I want this sin to be fully put to death so that I can work unhindered for the glory of God.

Therefore, after several conversations with our church leadership and our ministry’s Board of Directors (over the past two weeks), they have advised and approved a plan that embodies repentance not only in word but also in deed. Here, I’ve outlined several activities I will be suspending to eliminate the temptation of embellishment and welcome increased accountability as I grow in this aspect:

Activities I will be Suspending:

  • The Formal Planting of King’s Way Bible Church: Our current church, which meets in our home, has formulated intentions over the last six months to transition into a traditional establishment known as King’s Way Bible Church in September 2023. However, after a thorough discussion among our leadership, it has been collectively decided to postpone this transition until January 2024. While we still call our house church “King’s Way,” our congregation will remain as is until the appropriate time. This adjustment aims to provide me with an extended period for introspection and spiritual growth.
  • Reformation Seminary: We’ve chosen not to accept any new enrollments for the seminary until 2025. At that time, we will reposition the institution as an academy and directly link it to our local church.
  • Speaking Engagements and Conferences: I’ve opted to cancel all speaking engagements for the foreseeable future. I believe that prioritizing a national platform right now could work against the purpose of this season. Additionally, given the substantial size of my current platform, I believe it’s prudent for me to lessen my national presence on specific theological matters (such as postmillennialism, biblical patriarchy, and paedobaptism) in order to mature and faithfully represent these viewpoints at a degree that matches the size of my audience.
  • Guest Appearances on Podcasts, Media, or Shows: With the exception of select commitments focused on sharing the Gospel, I will not be participating in guest appearances and interviews for at least one year.
  • Personal Twitter Activity: Recognizing the fast-paced and often emotionally charged nature of Twitter, I’ve made the decision to refrain from posting on my personal account for a year.
  • Relearn Instagram Management: Over the past few years, I’ve been personally overseeing the Relearn Instagram account. However, I believe it’s best to transfer this responsibility exclusively to our team, who will post mission-aligned content from our ministry for our followers.
  • All other Social Media Management: Our TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook accounts will also be handed over to be managed by the Relearn team.

Activities I will be Continuing:

  • Pastoring our Local Church: Since 2017, I’ve been a pastor within a local church where I was ordained. Moving forward, I will remain engaged in preaching and counseling responsibilities alongside the accountability of our elders and deacons.
  • Completing My Master’s Degree: While I am currently not enrolled, by God’s grace, I intend to return to seminary to successfully finish my Master’s degree.
  • Writing and Publishing Books: My commitment to writing and releasing books will continue but with an added focus to write primarily for the spiritual development of my local church, not merely the national church. Additionally, every piece will undergo an extensive review process involving our team, editors, Board of Directors, and church leadership.
  • Weekly Podcast Production: The weekly publication of Real Christianity will continue. However, the focus will remain on subjects that align closely with Relearn’s mission, emphasizing Gospel fluency and fostering biblical and theological literacy. Each episode will also undergo editing and review before being released.


In the context of warfare, the concept of a “strategic retreat” comes into play. This refers to stepping back in the immediate context to yield greater benefits in the long run. This is my hope. In this phase, I wholeheartedly recognize that the Lord has more work to do in me than through me. Thus, I am humbly heeding the guidance of those around me by shifting my focus towards a path characterized by heightened accountability. By God’s grace, this redirection will allow me to be molded by the Lord for a more steadfast and effective ministry in the years ahead.

My Statement of Public Repentance

I, Dale Partridge, repent for using misleading language regarding my education credentials that were deceptive and wrong. While I never stated I had a degree, I repent for deceiving people that my credentials were greater than they were. This was an untruthful and sinful way to operate as a Christian. I repent for deflecting any blame that I should have owned immediately, and I repent for justifying any deception or dishonesty. It grieves me to think I have sinned against the Lord Jesus Christ, who paid for my transgressions on the cross. As a result, I have committed to greater vigilance and integrity in my online communication. My wife, staff, Board of Directors, and several members of our church have been aware of these discussions from the start. I hope you all can forgive me.

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Dale Partridge is the President of and holds a Graduate Certificate from Western Seminary. He is the author of several Christian books, including “The Manliness of Christ” and the bestselling children’s book “Jesus and My Gender.” He is also the host of the Real Christianity podcast and the lead pastor at King's Way Bible Church in Prescott, Arizona.

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