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A Simple Explanation for the Necessity of the Virgin Birth of Christ

Obviously, this reality is what makes Jesus’ birth not merely natural but supernatural. However, many critics and Christians alike view the virgin birth as some accessory narrative that has been tacked onto the story of ...

Dale Partridge

A Short Defense for a Huge, Outlandish, and Joyful Christmas Celebration

Allow me to explain, from creation to the crucifixion, we have approximately 4,000 years—4,000 years of longing for Christmas. From the promise of Genesis 3:15, where God vows the birth of One who will rescue ...

Dale Partridge

The Masculinity of Christ in the Face of Effeminate Christianity

Upon arrival, fuel was pouring down the driveway and the aircraft’s engine was still running. My dad, knowing the risky circumstances of broken electrical, the engine’s heat, and loose fuel looked at me and said, ...

Dale Partridge

Why Does God Allow Evil in the World?

The evidence is in, evil is all around us and it’s not slowing down. But why? Why so much brokenness? But more importantly, as Christians, how can we explain why the God of the Bible ...

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