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Biblical Patriarchy vs. Complementarianism: a Quick Look at their Distinctions

When the results are bad, it’s time to examine the methods. For the past 35 years, the church has widely adopted what is called complementarianism. This is a theological view that holds men and women ...

Dale Partridge

A Short Defense for a Huge, Outlandish, and Joyful Christmas Celebration

Allow me to explain, from creation to the crucifixion, we have approximately 4,000 years—4,000 years of longing for Christmas. From the promise of Genesis 3:15, where God vows the birth of One who will rescue ...

Dale Partridge

Does God Care About How We Dress at Church?

To this generation, a Sunday assembly that is formal, liturgical, or spiritually reverent can feel distant, impersonal, or lifeless. We prefer an organic, relaxed, and unstructured spiritual experience that prioritizes emotion and warmth over solemnity ...

Dale Partridge

Demonstrating Repentance by Word and Deed

Last month, I published a statement of repentance concerning the misleading language used in my biography regarding my academic credentials. This misrepresentation led many to believe I held a degree when, in truth, I had only completed ...

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