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Four Types of Church Members Who Destroy The Flock

As pastors, shepherds, and lay-leaders in a local house church, we must not only be vigilant in regards to who is admitted into our church’s membership but also watchful within our members to recognize and ...

Dale Partridge

Book Review: The Shepherd Leader by Timothy Z. Witmer

In many churches, however, pastors and elders do not prioritize shepherding the flock and function more like a Board of Directors, making decisions, but failing to lead as God intended. As a result, Christians grow ...

Dale Partridge

Can We Trust the Inerrancy, Authority, and Accuracy of Scripture?

More and more secularists are finally discovering that the source of their ideological opposition (a.k.a. Christians, conservatives, and traditionalists) is not rooted in philosophy or in politics but in Scripture. That is, the reason these ...

Dale Partridge

How God Saved, Freed, and Reformed Dale Partridge—A Personal Testimony

Our family was as average as you could find. We fit the all-American mold as nicely as the last piece of a puzzle being pushed into place. If you’ve ever seen the show The Wonder ...

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