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From Living Room to Sanctuary: Why Dale Partridge is Going from ‘Home Church Pastor’ to ‘Traditional Church Planter’

After being part of a biblical house church for several years, I was sent out to establish our own plant in Bend, Oregon, in 2017. However, due to health reasons, our family relocated to the ...

Dale Partridge

Resolving the Question: What is a Woman’s Role in Theological Education?

As you may know, this topic has caused a significant discussion regarding biblical boundaries for women and women’s ministries. During this public discussion, several influential women made comments. Some were helpful and respectful, while others ...

Dale Partridge

A Simple Explanation for the Necessity of the Virgin Birth of Christ

Obviously, this reality is what makes Jesus’ birth not merely natural but supernatural. However, many critics and Christians alike view the virgin birth as some accessory narrative that has been tacked onto the story of ...

Dale Partridge

A Short Defense for a Huge, Outlandish, and Joyful Christmas Celebration

Allow me to explain, from creation to the crucifixion, we have approximately 4,000 years—4,000 years of longing for Christmas. From the promise of Genesis 3:15, where God vows the birth of One who will rescue ...

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