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A Written Presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

I once heard a man say, “All humans know they have something to be forgiven for, but not all humans know who they must be forgiven by.” I believe this is true. In fact, the ...

Dale Partridge

If God Predestines People, Why Evangelize?

This is an understandable curiosity. After all, in John 6:37 Jesus says, “All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out.” ...

Dale Partridge

What Does a Cessationist Believe?

As a Seminary graduate and pastor who is convinced of the cessationist position, I have created a brief and practical Statement of Explanation in hopes that it may benefit those, who through the careful reading ...

Dale Partridge

What is the One True Mission of the Church?

Some have called this mercy-centric missiology the “social justice gospel” while other, more conservative, proponents may argue it to be a “fully-integrated gospel.” Now, it’s obvious that both Jesus and His Apostles support and even ...

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