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by Dale Partridge

Every now and then, I find myself at the center of a swirling controversy. There are three usual suspects that contribute to this commotion.

First, it’s often because I like to tackle a culturally sensitive topic like homosexuality, transgenderism, feminism, or the ever-controversial man-boys and their video games. Second, there are those who delight in unearthing my past failures, hoping to tarnish my ministry in the process. And let’s not forget the occasional moments when I manage to do or say something downright stupid, prompting a well-deserved call for repentance.

I recognize that evenhanded individuals appreciate having both sides of a story before forming their conclusions. As Proverbs 18:17 wisely states, “The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.” Additionally, Proverbs reminds us that protecting your reputation is a great value that surpasses the pursuit of material wealth (Prov. 22:1). With these principles in mind, I established this page to address specific issues that require clarification, explanation, or even a humble admission of wrongdoing.


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4. Does Dale Say That Women Can’t Learn Theology?

Dale Partridge is the President of and Founder of Reformation Seminary. Dale holds a Graduate Certificate from Western Seminary. He is the author of several Christian books, including “The Manliness of Christ” and the bestselling children’s book “Jesus and My Gender.” He is also the host of the Real Christianity podcast and the lead pastor at King's Way Bible Church in Prescott, Arizona.

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