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What is Biblical Faith and Do You Have It?

I believe we can all agree, as a Christian, understanding the definition of saving faith is the most important work of your life; without a correct understanding of faith, you can never be sure you’re ...

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Can Watching An Online Sermon Be Considered Church?

The root of this discussion is anchored in our definition of church. If church is “the hearing of a sermon” then digital church sufficiently meets the requirements of that definition. But if church is greater ...

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A Biblical Breakdown of Spiritual Gifts

That said, because we aren’t the one choosing our gifts, it can be difficult to identify which spiritual gifts have been so graciously given to us. Furthermore, without an awareness of where the Lord has ...

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How to Nurture a Prayer Revival

Are you one of the many Christians who struggle to break through into a powerful and consistent prayer life? You’re not alone; it is an all too common issue in the lives of believers today. ...

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