The Pillar

A private, committed group of radically generous donors.

What is The Pillar?

A collection of radically generous entrepreneurs, artists, influencers, and business leaders who fund three critical overhead costs for our ministry—staff salaries, health benefits, and facility needs.

By committing to annual or multi-annual support for operational funding, members of The Pillar allow our team to plan for the future and create efficiency and stability in our ministry.

Ultimately, Pillar members are faithful and generous visionaries. They know a ministry cannot operate without expenses. They trust us with their donations, enable us to hire talented team members and keep us accountable for operating a fruitful and effective ministry. But more than that, they pray for our mission and join us in our calling to plant and support thriving biblical communities across the globe.

Why The Pillar?

1 Timothy 3:15 tells us the Church is the pillar and the ground that upholds all truth in our world. At, it’s our mission to help strengthen that pillar.

The time is short, the task is large, and the work is important.
George Swinnock, 1615

The Benefits of The Pillar

A private, annual gathering in Prescott, Arizona with Dale and Veronica and the Relearn Team.
Quarterly video-call updates with Dale Partridge
Total access to all content, programs, events, books, and curriculum.

Interested in Joining The Pillar:

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