Part 2: Should Women Teach Theology to Other Women?

by Dale Partridge

In the previous episode, pastor Dale Partridge discussed the importance of women learning theology under the proper biblical structure.

In this episode, he continues to discuss the proper order, and the biblical ideal, for theological instruction among men and women. He also answers ten questions from listeners regarding the content of the previous episode.

Lastly, here’s pastor Dale’s final piece on the topic: Resolving the Question: What is a Woman’s Role in Theological Education?

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A Biblical Defense for Headcoverings

In our world of extreme gender confusion, God has given the church a way to symbolize our different roles, glories, and authorities. In recent years, many pastors have shrugged off this doctrine stating it was merely “cultural.” Others have argued that “a woman’s hair is the covering.” Still others say we can symbolize headship “in other ways.” In this book, I walk readers verse-by-verse through 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 and prove with careful exegesis and historical analysis that all of these views are incorrect.


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