We're a house church ministry focused on educating, training, and planting biblical communities.

Three Distinctives


We are committed to the recovery of the biblical Gospel, the affirming of the historic Christian faith as expressed in the five solas of the Protestant Reformation, and the continued work of local church reform according to the Scriptures.


We hold to historic evangelical doctrine as seen in The Apostles’ Creed, The Nicene Creed, The 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, and the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Statement of Faith


We believe in the Great Commission by the proclamation of the Gospel and by training pastors to plant churches that multiply into more churches.

Founded in 2017 by Dale Partridge, Relearn.org was established as an effort to initiate the public discourse around the growing desire for biblical house churches.

Bringing Church Home

Why Homes

They’re Universal

Not all countries permit public church gatherings, and, in those more hostile nations, homes become an effective solution that has proven to produce an abundance of spiritual growth.

They’re Intimate

Meeting in homes forces groups to be small and deeply connected while also encouraging the sense of family that seems to be missing between Christians today.

They’re Simple

House gatherings alleviate the legalities of incorporation, reduce the risk of persecution (for those living in oppressive areas), and eliminate the financial weight of a church building, staff, and salaries.